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Angiomas & Hemangiomas

Common, benign vascular skin growth or lesion that occurs on the surface of your skin in a red or purple color.

What is it?

Angiomas are generally harmless (benign) formations, comprised of small blood or lymphatic vessels. They display a red or purple hue and are most frequently seen in adults, affecting both genders equally. Their occurrence is also common during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Angiomas can manifest anywhere on the body, with a higher prevalence in individuals with lighter skin tones. Various types of angiomas exist, with spider angiomas and cherry angiomas being amongst the most common. The origins of most angiomas remain unknown; however, cherry angiomas are known to occur due to aging and bear no known significance.

Hemangiomas, also referred to as strawberry marks, are benign red or purple growths constituted solely of blood vessels, excluding lymphatic ones. They are a type of birthmark that can surface anywhere on the body, particularly on the face, chest, and back. Hemangiomas can emerge from infancy through childhood, but they usually fade away by the age of 10. Our dermatologists of Greater Columbus provide treatment for these conditions in Dublin, Columbus, Canal Winchester, Urbana, Circleville, Washington Courthouse, Grove City and Marysville, Ohio.

How is it treated?

Typically, angiomas and hemangiomas are harmless and often heal and resolve independently. However in certain instances, medical removal may be required if they begin to alter in color or shape, bleed, or become generally annoying. External factors, such as friction with clothing, may sometimes necessitate removal to prevent further complications. When treatment is deemed necessary, they can be removed using a laser or liquid nitrogen to eliminate the blood vessels and damaged cells. Both of these treatments result in minor discomfort and typically yield good cosmetic outcomes. 

Although most angiomas and hemangiomas are benign, it's crucial to have them assessed by an expert dermatologist to verify they are not malignant. Our board-certified dermatologists serving the Greater Columbus area, will collaborate with you to create the safest and most effective treatment strategy for your skin.

We would love to get started on a solution that perfectly fits your needs.