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Spider Veins and Redness

Spider veins are damaged, visible blood vessels just beneath the skin’s surface that are red, blue or purple and have a “web-like” appearance.

What is it?

Spider veins typically appear as clusters that mimic the patterns of webs or tree branches. Although they can occur anywhere, they're most commonly seen on the legs, feet or face. These veins are not usually dangerous to your health, but they can lead to swelling and a sensation of heaviness in the affected areas.

Spider veins are prevalent in women more than men, with heredity playing a significant role. They are also more frequent in individuals who sit or stand for extended periods, pregnant women and overweight individuals due to poor circulation. Spider veins emerge when the valves inside your veins become weak. They can also be caused by sunlight, hormonal fluctuations, previous vein surgery, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays or an injury.

On occasion, spider veins may be an indication of a severe condition known as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). The board-certified dermatologists at our dermatology clinic can help determine if you're at risk for CVI. In addition, we can support patients seeking aesthetic treatments who are uncomfortable with the look of their spider veins. We are proud to serve patients in in Dublin, Columbus, Canal Winchester, Urbana, Circleville, Washington Courthouse, Grove City, and Marysville, Ohio.

How is it treated?

Even though spider veins are usually benign, some patients choose to treat them for aesthetic reasons. Our dermatology clinic can enhance the look of spider veins through laser treatment, injectable therapies and sclerotherapy, all of which are minimally invasive procedures.

If your spider veins indicate a more severe underlying issue, our team of professionals will assist you in addressing the root cause first, then help you achieve your aesthetic objectives.

We would love to get started on a solution that perfectly fits your needs.